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Every Day Should Be Earth Day: Support These Local Causes!

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Let's show these local environmental charities some love!

Unfortunately, the world have evolved into a global village where pollution, climate change, and diseases are affecting us all. It’s in the midst of this chaos that we need to remember our responsibility as inhabitants of Mother Nature, to preserve  the earth and the living things that exist on it, to keep it safe and protect its environment from such calamities.

This is where environmental charities play a huge role. These groups are the unsung heroes of our communities, working hard to fight against pollution, climate change, and the destruction of habitats right on our doorstep. We can help these organisations in their fight for change locally.

With our support we’re not just helping the charities; we’re helping the wildlife around us, fighting climate change, and combating the destruction of habitats right on our doorstep. From rallying up to fight climate change, protecting endangered species, and uniting communities, these charities are leading the charge towards a brighter, greener future for us all.

Want to help make a change? Take a look at some of South Africa’s local environmental charities who’s fighting hard for our futures:

Project 90 by 2030

Project 90 by 2030 was conceived at a time in South Africa when the impacts of climate change were first becoming evident. Their name is premised on George Monbiot’s book “Heat”, which calls for a 90 % reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2030, hence the name “Project 90 by 2023”.

Project 90 by 2030’s ambition is to bring about significant change in how South Africans engage with government and stakeholders to address climate change, energy poverty, and the social injustices that intersect them, in order to realise a sustainably developed and equitable low-carbon future by the year 2030.

“Our ambition is far greater than what we can achieve alone. You too can take part in our journey.”

Here’s how you can be an active participant in Project 90 by 2023’s cause:

  • Become a Project 90 volunteer or mentor
  • Follow them on social media to join them in their next event
  • Donate

Find out more by visiting Project 90 by 2023’s website; Project 90 by 2023

Peace Parks Foundation

Founded by Dr Anton Rupert, President Mandela and Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands,  Peace Parks Foundation was created to show that man and nature can coexist in harmony.

The Peace Parks Foundation works to re-establish, renew and conserve large ecosystems that transcend man-made boundaries, by creating a regionally integrated and sustainably managed network of Transfrontier Conservation Areas (TFCAs).

There are many ways in which you can help:

  • Donate Online
  • Make a Direct Transfer
  • Engaged partnership Fund
  • Legacy Society
  • Peace Parks Club
  • Club 21

If you would like to know more about Peace Parks Foundation and the ways in which you can be an active participant, visit their website at Peace Parks Foundation.


Greenpop is an award-winning registered NPO working to restore ecosystems and empower environmental stewards. They do this through reforestation, urban greening, sustainable development and environmental art projects across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Since 2010, Greenpop have planted over 115,000 trees and inspired over 132,000 active citizens across South Africa, Zambia, Malawi, and Tanzania. They believe planting trees can help save the world.

Their Arbor Month campaign (in September 2019) resulted in 6813 trees being raised: spurred on and inspired by international research that highlights global tree restoration as our most effective climate change solution to date.

“We’re on a mission to plant trees, green communities and empower environmental stewards across Sub-Saharan Africa.”

Greenpop isn’t scared to get their hands dirty, and could use your help! Here’s what you can do to help:

  • Work for Greenpop
  • Intern with them
  • Volunteer
  • Attend their next event
  • Fundraise for them
  • Donate

“We have planted more than 200,000 trees over the last 12 years, but what makes me more excited than the trees are the thousands of hands that have helped us plant them.”

– Misha Teasdale, Greenpop co-founder & Tree-E-O.


Thrive is an organisation that strives to unite communities in Hout Bay through environmental awareness projects. They encourage every individual to make a difference that will benefit their community, enhance their lives and provide sustainable solutions to the issues threatening the environment. Thrive believes that together, we can impact the destiny of our nation by working to preserve our unique heritage. Our diversity is what makes us strong.

Thrive has a two-pronged approach:

Program 1: Sustainable Schools Program Learners and Youth:

“Education is the foundation for environmental responsibility – educate us!”

Learners at local schools and young people being served by community based institutions are educated about environmental sustainability and engage in projects to eliminate waste and preserve natural resources.

Program 2: Sustainable Communities Program Community members:

“We want things to change – remind us how to do it!”

In our local communities, Thrive operates out of passion and availability to walk the journey with communities, when invited, to revive practices that are aimed at preserving the environment.

You can get involved with Thrive by either giving your time, or making a financial donation. Visit Thrive’s website at; Thrive to find out more.

“Enabling sustainable wellbeing by Nurturing Nature’s Wellbeing”

The aforementioned environmental organisations are just a drop in the vast ocean of various organisations fighting for the same cause. You can make a difference starting today, whether it’s through recycling plastic bags, planting more trees, or donating to any environmental organisation. We are certain to leave behind a beautiful, clean, and thriving world for many more generations to come.

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